Frequently Asked Questions !!


what the heck is fondant??

Fondant is a pliable sugar dough that makes for an awesome smooth looking cake. Pay for this anywhere else and you'll be sinking your teeth right into a bunch of weird chemicals and sugar (that tastes way more like chemicals than sugar) which will have to be taken off before consuming. Pay for this here and get a homemade version that tastes like sweet marshmallow that actually adds to the cake in small amounts (large amounts might send you on sugar overload). 
Is there anything you won't do?
I don't make X rated cakes. Going over details is weird and I don't want to go there. I also despise cupcake cakes & sheet cakes. If the grocery store offers it, I don't make it. Nothing is wrong with them. I just try to make what you just can't just pick up at the grocery store. If that's what you had your heart set on, please call HEB. Don't go to Walmart.  
What are the most popular flavors?
Everyone seems to go ga-ga over white chocolate and cookies & cream
Will you work with my budget?
Absolutely! I'd much rather everyone have unique cakes than picking something up from grocery store bakery. Let me know your budget and we'll figure something out!
Do you use marzipan?
Heck no! The concept of nut dough is really weird
Do you deliver?
Yes, but delivery must be arranged before the deposit is paid. Delivery in Palmer is free. Surrounding areas start at $15. Most of my orders are picked up so I can't always deliver. Sometimes I just don't get a chance to leave until every other order is picked up. The balance for delivery orders must be paid 24 hours before the event date. If you are concerned about picking up the cake yourself, PLEASE arrange for delivery.
How do I transport my cake?
Cakes need to be transported on a clean flat service. Smaller cakes can be transported on the front floorboard. Larger cakes will need trunk space or will need to be transported on seats that fold down flat. If transporting in the trunk space, make sure the air conditioning can get to the back. You'll need to drive slow and extremely careful. I recommend keeping your hazard lights on any time you're not on the highway. Be very cautious on turns.Do not transport cakes on anyone's lap. Cakes not being transported on a flat level surface can crack or fall. PLEASE don't ever let children hold the cake.
How do I store my cake?
Cakes not being consumed within a few hours should be refrigerated or kept in a cool, dry room (70 degrees or under). During hot, humid, or rainy days, refrigeration is highly recommended.
Can I save my fondant decorations?
You sure can. Keep them in an airtight container at room temperature away from direct light or spray them with some clear coat for display. Just keep them away from direct light (they tend to fade)



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